Monday, 16 January 2017

2 in a row for Casey van Os

On Saturday the city of Hoogezand in the North of the Netherlands was the right place to have fun around Subbuteo tables. The 3rd edition of the 'COBEX Top of Holland tournament" was very enjoyable with a record number of 17 participants. Unfortunately, organizers had two late dropouts. After an exciting tournament Casey van Os won for the second consecutive year the tournament by defeating in the final Nico Marks 3-0. Kenney Gerrets took the 3rd place by beating, after a 2-2 draw, Paul Brinker after shootouts (2-0).

"We are thinking to host more events like this and we contacted the organizers from Hamburg so that we can visit each other in the future", commented Jacob Bijlstra with the hope there will be some growing activity in the future in the Netherlands.

Big fun under WASPA banner at the Belgian Grand Prix

This week-end more than 150 players met in Rochefort for the Belgian Grand Prix. It was a great tournament with an amazing feld of top players coming from many European nations. Besides the main tournament, organizers had several tournaments under WASPA banner. On Friday evening, there was a tournament played in Swiss system with an amazing field of 32 players. It would have been much better to play 5 sessions instead of 5 but time was missing. Rému Huynh from Belgium and Sergio Ramos from Portugal managed to win their four games. Due to a better goal-difference, Huynh was awarded the final win but both players deserved the victory. On Saturday, the consolation tournament of the Grand Prix was also interesting but some players chose to play only one or two games, which made the standings were a bit special. Josef Camilleri from Malta was awarded the win with 3 individual victories and a draw and more goals scored than Paul Naszalyi from France. Here again, both players would probably have deserved thewin. In such a special moment, results were not really important but thanks to the fantastic organisation of the RTS club and the positive attitude of all players, we know that Subbuteo was the real winner of the week-end. Thanks to all who helped to make this week-end something we'll remember for a long time!

Friday top players: Rémy Huynh and Sergio Ramos
Standings of the Friday tournament (all played 4 games):
1. Rémy Huynh (BEL)
2. Sergio Ramos (POR)
3. Florian Giaux (BEL)
4. Martin Antoine (BEL)
5. Vasileios Angelopoulos (GRE)
6. Vincent Coppenolle (BEL)
7. Justin Leroy (BEL)
8. Bruno Timpano (BEL)
9. Thierry Magermans (BEL)
10. Louison Giaux (BEL)
11. Thossa Büsing (GER)
12. Marcel Schulz (GER)
13. Jean Grosdent (BEL)
14. Frank Stiller (GER)
15. Christopher Sabetta (BEL)
16. Antonio Timpano (BEL)
17. Ahmed Choukri (BEL)
18. Corentin Wauthy (BEL)
19. Milan Knezevic (SER)
20. Basile Magermans (BEL)
21. Pedro Sampaio (POR)
22. Mathéo Grégoire (BEL)
23. Carolina Villarigues (POR)
24. Stilianos Matsopoulos (GRE)
25. Victoria Büsing (GER)
26. Uwe Stiller (GER)
27. Dimitrios Kourtis (GRE)
28. Geoffrey Kelner (BEL)
29. Matthias Averlant (BEL)
30. Luis Silva (POR)
31. Panagiotis Krommydas (GER)
32. Pedro Araujo (POR)

Saturday top 2: Paul Naszalyi (left) and Josef Camilleri

Standings of the Saturday tournament:
Thierry Vivron and Jean Grosdent
1. Josef Camilleri (MLT)
2. Paul Naszalyi (FRA)
3. Loris Léonard (BEL)
4. Richard Boulanger (BEL)
5. Jose Manuel Sanchez (ESP)
6. Thierry Vivron (FRA)
7. Alfonso Montano (ESP)
8. Jean Grosdent (BEL)
9. Geoffrey Marain (BEL)
10. Spyros Katsoulas (GRE)
11. Stylianos Matsopoulos (GRE)
12. Christophe Monteiro (FRA)
13. Antonio Timpano (BEL)
14. Milan Knezevic (SER)
15. Panos Krommydas (GER)
16. Panos Aliadis (GRE)
17. Dimitris Kourtis (GRE)
18. Emmanuel Gorgette (FRA)
19. Ludovic Midoux (FRA)
20. Uwe Stiller (GER)
21. Corentin Boltz (BEL)
22. André Boltz (BEL)

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Subbuteo Parramatta New Year’s WASPA Tournament

After a holiday hiatus, Subbuteo Parramatta got back into the swing of things with a New Year’s WASPA Tournament on the evening of Monday, January 9, at the Subbuteo Parramatta clubhouse. With newly placed air-conditioning, the normally sweltering in summer clubhouse was cooled to just ‘warm’ and, from all reports, no perspiration was dropped onto any of the pitches. A field of 7 players, representing 4 of Sydney’s clubs, came together to battle it out.

In the opening games, Costa, struggling with strapped knee and elbow (a mix of the stresses and strains of Subbuteo and slot car racing) lost a hard fought match against David. Adrian took a 2 goal lead against Tony before Tony pegged a late one back to make the final couple of minutes uncomfortable. Fabrizio proved too experienced for the improving Heidi on the al fresco pitch in the summer breeze on the verandah.

Heidi and costa on the al fresco pitch
By the time the pool games were finished, Fabrizio had come out on top of the larger group undefeated, followed by David, then Costa, then Heidi. Paul Magee also remained undefeated, topping the smaller group with wins over Adrian and Tony. So Fabrizio went to the first semi to face Adrian, Paul squared up against David, and Tony and Costa headed outdoors for the Consolation Final. Tony made light work of Costa who was, by now, flagging terribly under his body’s protests, taking the game 3-0. Meanwhile, the major semis went to form with Fabrizio putting 2 unanswered past Adrian and Paul edging David by the lone goal.

In the 3rd/4th play-off, David owned the first half and was finally rewarded with a swiftly moved goal in the dying seconds. In the second stanza, Adrian threw everything at David but he, with some help from the woodwork, stood firm to claim his first competitive victory over Adrian and 3rd place in the tournament. Meanwhile, the grand final proved to be one of the more open games of the evening with both players pushing for goals. At half time, Fabrizio held a 2-1 edge and, in a tighter second half, held on for the victory and his 2nd WASPA title in the space of a month.
Paul v Tony (foreground), Fabrizio v David (background)

An excellent evening of friendly play. Special mention to Heidi’s son Angus who came along and had his first introduction to the game with some friendly flicks with Paul. With the Australian Grand Prix fast approaching, most of the players will all be using the evening’s tournament as a starting point for their intensive training for the next month, while Costa will be heading for some intensive sessions on the physio couch.

For full results, click here.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Marco Bonciani does it again in Firenze

Last Monday the club of Firenze was holding the third tournament of their season with a great field of 16 players. There was a group stage and then the top 8 players played for the victory while the other 8 players played consolation games. Marco Bonciani defeated Luca Pini (1-0) in sudden death to claim the trophy.

Emanuele Cattani and Davide Visani reached the semis. Mirko Pasquini won the games for the 9th place while Marco Trevisan won the final for the 13th place. Congratulations to everyone!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

2017 flick-off at SC Flanders

Top 3 of the evening: Ceulemans-Marain-Wouters
SC Flanders had their 2017 debut on Monday night with a small field of 6 players. Geoffrey Marain travelled to Hofstade-Zemst full of ambition and managed to win his four games to finish on top of the table with Jos Ceulemans as runner-up and David Wouters being third. Willy De Bandt claims a good result by taking the fourth place.

Final standings:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Jos Ceulemans
3. David Wouters
4. Willy De Bandt
5. Geert Leys
6. Johan Lourdon

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Western Flickers 10th WASPA - 2017 Kick-off

January 8, 2017

Saying Goodbye to the old...

Western Flickers kicked off the first WASPA tournament for 2017 by bidding farewell to one of the original club venues in Altona. The house – belonging to one of our founding members – has been the location of one of our biggest WASPA to date and also numerous Friday Flicks. It was indeed sad to bid the old lady farewell. Despite a couple of last minute scratches, there was still a relatively good turnout of 7 flickers – including a rare appearance by Australia’s number 1 ranked table footballer Peter Thomas. As usual, there was also a Junior category for our young flickers.

A rising star, a stunning upset and a dominant champion

In the first stage of the Open category, the players were split into 2 groups with the top 2 seeds – Benny Ng and Peter Thomas – heading the groups. The group matches went as per WASPA rankings, but special mention to Christos Garagounis who continued his rise in the local table football scene by pipping veteran and former Victorian champion Paul Mercer to second spot in Group A.

Meanwhile in the Junior category, both Benjamin Ng and Harrison Briffa overcame Alex Briffa by the same 1-0 score line. Credit must be given to Alex for showing significant improvement and giving the slightly older boys a hard fight. So that meant that the Benjamin-Harrison match would be a winner takes all affair. It was a tight affair with both boys having gilt-edged chances. In the end, a single goal was all that separated the boys and Benjamin emerged the victor.

The top 2 in each Open category group faced off in the semi-finals in the Championship pool. Peter accounted for Christos easily as expected, but the thriller was in the other semi-final where Benny faced off with his jinx player and Western Flickers co-founder – Adam Deverell. Benny dominated the match but Adam negated much of Benny’s attacking play with some excellent defending. The match ended 1-1 and went to a penalty shootout which Adam won in sudden death shots.
In the Plates pool, Kevin just pipped Simon to earn a match against Paul for 4th spot. In the subsequent match, Paul Mercer demonstrated his vast experience by winning comfortably.

In the grand finale, Peter showed no mercy as he defeated Adam easily in a frightening attacking display to clinch the opening WASPA title for 2017!


Thanks to all who attended for helping to make it another extremely successful Western Flickers WASPA event. All the matches were played in friendly spirit with top quality table football play on display. What a great way to kick off 2017!
We look forward to more exciting developments in the continued growth of the Western Flickers. Till next time .. GO PELICANS!

The final tournament standings are:

Open Category
1. Peter Thomas
2. Adam Deverell
3. Benny Ng
4. Christos Garagounis
5. Paul Mercer
6. Kevin Grant
7. Simon Briffa

Junior Category
1. Benjamin Ng
2. Harrison Briffa
3. Alex Briffa

P.S. If anyone is interested in taking part in future Western Flickers events or just popping by for chat and look-see, please visit the Western Flickers Facebook page ( and send us a message.

Anas bin Rahamat takes day 1 of the TFAS League

The TFAS League 2017 kicked off on 8 January with 10 players competing in a 4-round Swiss Format System, where the player with the most points after 4 rounds will emerge as the winner. Match Day 1 saw returning players from the 80s, such as Ashley and Yew Loy, and also our Italian player based in Hong Kong, Antonio.

The results after the four rounds were as follows:
1. Anas bin Rahamat (Jurong Central)
2. Antonio Carabillo (Hong Kong Dragons)
3. Rudy Hesty Roselan (Jurong Central)
4. Tan Yew Loy (Kebun Baru SC)
5. Ashley Tan (Singapore Lions)
6. Nic Tan (Jurong Central)
7. Noor Haikal (Jurong Central)
8. Vikas K. Chandiramani (Jurong Central)
9. Michael Choong (Jurong Central)
10. Chandru Chugani (-)

Sunday, 8 January 2017

A first tournament in Burgdorf

The first WASPA tournament in Burgdorf (Germany) was a success. The event took place on Friday, January 6 with five players taking part in a group format. The mood was excellent and all games were totally fair. The results were very close and also the ranking at the end of the games. The winner was Frank Stiller and in the evening, players met in the restaurant to finish a perfect day. There are good hopes to see some more WASPA events in Burgdorf.

The final standings were as follows:
1. Frank Stiller
2. Uwe Stiller
3. Tom Horn
4. Klaus Fritz
5. Charis Chatziplaton

Saturday, 7 January 2017

2017 starts well for Geoffrey Marain

There was a great field of 14 players for the first tournament of the year in Belgium. Templeuve United managed to attract reprensentatives from several different clubs to play a great tournament in Swiss format. Geoffrey Marain won his four games to claim the title while Jos Ceulemans and Geert Leys tied for the second place with 9 points and the same goal difference. Thomas Somers was playing his first tournament and will soon become a real good player.

Top 3 of the night: Ceulemans-Marain-Leys
The final standings were as follows:

1. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano) - 12 points
2ea Geert Leys (London & Essex United) - 9 points
2ea Jos Ceulemans (London & Essex United) - 9 points
4. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United) - 9 points
5. Stéphane Lambert (Templeuve United) - 9 points
6. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United) - 6 points
7. Noah Denne (SC Eugies) - 6 points
8. Corentin Boltz (SC Eugies) - 6 points
9. André Boltz (SC Eugies) - 4 points
10. Florian Renaut (Templeuve United) - 4 points
11. Eric Caillaux (France/-) - 3 points
12. Sébastien Denne (SC Eugies) - 3 points
13. Benjamin Marain (SC Warcoing Ducks) - 3 points
14. Thomas Somers (SC Flanders) - 0 points

Friday, 6 January 2017

Paul O'Donovan Rossa wins in Thousand Oaks

Paul and Varant
Some more results from 2016 come from California where Paul O'Donovan Rossa won the Thousand Oaks tournament after defeating Varant Kurkeyerian in the final (1-0).

Bruno and Joao Casaca were the other competitors of the day.

California Subbuteo CLub will host another tournament on January 11 in Newbury Park, CA.