Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Several results from Australia

A few more events have been held earlier this season in Australia. During the FISTF Open of Sydney in September, two events were held under WASPA banner. Benji Batten (Melbourne TFC) defeated Bernard Lim (Singapore Lions) in the final of the Open section.

The Junior tournament was recorded as a "promotional event" and 9 players from 4 different clubs were taking part. Oliver Ollnow (Northern Falcons) was in a great day and defeated clubmate Jonty Brener int he final.

During the FISTF Satellite of Altona in October, the Western Flickers also had a small WASPA tournament with six players. Simon Briffa took the honors after defeating Steve Wright in the final.

Finally, on October 27, the Northern Falcons had a small tournament with 5 players taking part in a round robin. An evening of pizza, wine and flicking! it was also the first Northern Falcons WASPA event for a while. Hermann Kruse took the evening, closely followed by Johnny Ball (who will be moving to Canberra) in his farewell tournament!